The Mamanwas are a nomadic tribal group of people related to the Negrito group. They are dark, kinky haired and mostly short in nature.There are approximately 1,277 Mamanwa people according to Nattional Census and Statistic Offfice(1975) However, there  could be even more of them since they are scattered in the forest. Only about 1% is literate , the lowest in the whole country compared to the other tribal people.

      The Mamanwas still hunt for food although many of them are  now having farms. Economic situation is still very low. Food productionj is still a problem. Those who are still in the forest live in lean-to palm shelters.

      Some anthropologist who have made observations among these people have commented that the Mamanwa people are quite passive to change, however recently there seem to be an awakening among them especially among the younger set to follow the main stream of the majority of the civilization
  The work among the Mamanwas of Surigao del Norte started in 1957 when three single lady workers were sent to the Mamanwas around Daging, Urbiztondo, Claver, Surigao del Norte, Philippines. Some of them then were  still living beneath a large rocky cliff. In 1964 the missionary center was permanently settled in Toyatoya serving about 45 Mamanwa families or about 150 people around that area up to the present.

    Literacy classes conducted hand in hand with the Summer Institute of Linguistics have produced 21 literates and 11 of them of whom are trained literacy teachers. Three of them are still actively trying to teach the 25 adults who enrolled. Two of these teachers are assisting the pre-elementary program with 25 children enrolled.

     There are 17 baptized individuals. Five of them are servingas staff members of TTC and at the same time entrolled under the Discipleship Training Course. The same trainees have also served as committee members in the revision of the Mamanwa New Testament done by the Wycliffe Bible translators.

     PMF has now assigned two single lady missionaries and a couple  to work at the Timothy Training Center.

The Timothy Training Center is a Christian Education program under the Philippine Missionary Fellowship, Inc serving the Mamanwa Church and the community for the meantime.

     It was established to teach the Mamanwa people throughtout Northeastern Mindanao Philippines. It seeks to introduce the Lord Jesus Christ personally to interested Mamanwa individuals through its non formal education classes such as literacy, agriculture, health or first aid, crafts, carpentry, nutrition, cooking or any short term course to meet the needs of the Mamanwa community.

    It assume the responsibilities of training of Mamanwa Christians as able leaders in the church through sound Biblical teaching.

    It assist every trained Mamanwa leader as they impart or share what they have learned to the other members of the community.

    It also holds classes for the pre-school children with the hope that among these little ones will rise good leaders to the coming years.