The PHILIPPINE CHAMBER OF HEALTH is a health organization composed of 15 health organizations with more than 1 million active members. As the President I was mandated to look into the possibility of endorsing BONO HERBAL FOOD SUPPLEMENT to all the members as well as to the health community
    After several days of clinical observation at the
SAINT MARTIN DE PORES the results were most promising and in fact records show that the patients and their doctors who participated expressed similar satisfaction with the product.
    I have personally given
BONO to some of my patients and the results truly amused me. My patients not only recovered quickly, but they still insisted on using BONO up to the present time. We highly recommend BONO as an effective, safe and economical nutroceutical and food supplement for all.

    Mercedita Macabulos, MD
    Pres. PCH ; Adm SMPH
BONO HERBAL FOOD SUPPLEMENT is a proven herbal and dietary supplement which can be an effective adjunct to patient suffering from chronic and acute inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Because of the combined action of the ingredients, it may strengthen the immune system of the human body. Testimonials indicate that the product provides the feeling of well being to patients undergoing rehabilitation after CVA and surgery, hypertensive ,diabetic, asthmatic patients undergoing radiation theraphy, patients with GI problems. UT and GUT diseases, STD, PTB, myoma, typhoid fever, cirrhosis of the liver, pre and post natal illness and other pathological disorders caaused by the disturbance in the body's metabolic and hormonal processes.
With the product shipment

  "It has been a year since we conducted the clinical observation on
BONO and up to now I'm still ; prescribing it as an adjunct to my TB patients and as a food supplement. My patients keep on coming back because of the beneficial effects of BONO. All claim that it gives them a feeling of well-being, good appetite, better sleeping pattern and most of all getting well is faster. I recommend BONO to all my colleagues and patients for a responsive effective and less stressful management of diseases.
       Dr. Felix Barrera, MD
       Medical Director , QI
Ampalaya, Malunggay, Garlic Powder & Naturally Occuring Vit. C, Vit E, Niacin, Thiamine, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorous, Magnesium and Zinc.

* Processed and packed under stringent protocol following Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) standard and registered at the BFAD.

* Test and testimonials show the proven efficacy and safety of
BONO as a nutriceutical adjunct for convalescing patients.

Dosage: Initially 1 to 2 capsules a day. Dosage may safely be altered depending on the requirements of the patient.

A Product of :

     During the clinical observation of
BONO, I was convinced that it is really an effective adjunct to our regular regimen as it makes our patients heal faster and become more responsive in the treatment.In fact we were able to discharge them earlier. Today most of them, if not all, have expressed their intention to continue using BONO and recommend it to their relatives and friends. Even my mother is taking BONO and she claims that it has improve her arthritis. My mother has been under treatment for several years now and it is only BONO that makes her comfortable. People can afford BONO because of its reasonable price.
       Mrs. Geling Tan
       Head Nurse: QI
No Side Effects
No chemicals and  impurities
No Overdose
can be taken together with other medications, except with other herbals.
My Info:
Dr. Lixberto R. Castro M.D.
  Because of my personal experience with BONO in controlling my diabetes, I find it useful in prescribing BONO to practically all my patients with TB and concomitant affliction like diabetes, arthritis, elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure. I give 2 capsules a day of BONO to my patients and the result is remarkable. I wish more people will discover what the food supplement can do for them.

      Prof. Arnold Ortiz, MD
      Unciano Hospital; Quezon City
Grace Christian Clinic/Hospital
Surigao City, Philippines
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