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Toyatoya, Urbiztondo, Claver, Surigao del Norte / Lilia R.Castro R.N.
Dear Fellow Members, SU Class of 1964,

I will give you an inspiring example of a Sillimanian making an impact in society, Forsaking material comfort and choosing to promote educational and health care to the Mamanwa (self-ascription which means (quote;People of the Forest) of Surigao del Norte, Lilia lived for the next 50 years with these upland inhabitants, who have been scientifically proven to be the original people 50,000 years ago contrbuting to the early formation of Filipino civilization, but who are discriminated against by lowland Filipinos for being inferior human beings as they continue to live in the margins of Philippine society. Lilia is now 75 years old. I had the rare chance together with my Japanese colleague Dr. Keiichi Omoto of the University of Tokyo - the anthropologist who did the DNA analysis establishing the Mamanwa as the first people of the Philippines ahead of the Aeta people of Zambales - of visiting Lilia in August 2005 still living with her beloved Mamanwa people in the hinterland village of Urbiztondo, Claver, Surigao del Norte. For unselfishly providing health care to the Mamanwa people without fanfare for more than a half century, Philippine Jaycees recently gave Lilia the National Mother Teresa Award for her humanitarian work. The Rotary Club of Metro Surigao also gave Lilia its award (Magkono Award) for humanitarian work a few years ago. Also thru health care preventing the extinction of the true aboriginal people of the Philippines who should be considered a national treasure. Leslie
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